About us

Why choose Kent Building Plans?

We are a small team of 3 construction professionals based in Ashford Kent. What makes us different to other architectural practices is the fact our backgrounds come from practical planning, design and build projects throughout Kent. As a result our experience in technical build design, trade contacts and connections are second to none.

Why we set up Kent Building plans? Before setting up Kent Building Plans the main problems we saw in customers was actually after the planning stage.

Many would have either an intial plan that was impossible to build structurally or building plans that they believed could be carried out within the budget given to the architectural designer – only to be disappointed when the actual quotes came back from builders to discover those quotes were wildly over their expected budget.

Thousands of pounds have been wasted, lost and overspent in these situations.

The fault lays at the feet the building designer…

Unfortunately there is a large disconnect between architectural building designers, structural engineers and the tradespeople carrying out the work. Even up-to date material costs that can fluctuate month to month is unfortunately also lacking from the knowledge base of many architectural designers.

You can see this problem on TV programmes such as grand designs, extraordinary extensions, ugly house to lovely house and more. In which going over budget seems to be the norm.

We think this is an unacceptable practice. And that’s where our service is different. We think you should be able to have a project designed that will fall within the budget set out. We understand the true costs when carrying out a building project and can expertly plan and design around that build budget.

Our service bridges the gap between design and tradespeople. We have expertise in planning and construction design, build design, material selection, surveying, estimating and consultancy.

We have personal contacts in the supply of building materials, builders, tradespeople, structural engineers and building control companies. Everything you need for a successful build project.

The team is made up of:

Our architectural technician who has 12 years previous experience working for a new build specialist and house builder in Kent. She knows how to stick to budget requirements, has a fantastic eye for design, detail and material selection.

Our building consultant who has 22 years experience in all facets of building and construction. He has expertise in planning applications, site surveying, build design, building regulations, structural design, cost management, quantity surveying, estimating, project management, quality control surveying and the practical experience in the construction of new build homes, extensions and garden annexes on both on a large and domestic scale. He is a dictionary of information when it comes to building.

Our trainee surveyor who has 1 year experience on-site working closely with a custom home builder learning the fundamentals of how high end houses are built from start to finish.

Together we can draft building plans that meet planning requirements, plans that come in on budget and plans that are designed to have builders and tradespeople looking forward to carry out on site.

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