Whats included in the Essentials package?

✓ Checks to discover any planning constraints

✓ Site survey

✓ Existing and proposed Floor plans

✓ Existing & proposed elevation plans

✓ Location plan

✓ Site plan

✓ Planning application & submission

✓ Management of the planning application until decision.

Choose Essentials when you just need planning permission approval

The Process

Tell us what you are trying to achieve

We will arrange a visit and take measurements

The design is drawn up for your approval

The application is submitted

Whos this package for?

The essentials package is perfect for any home-owners, builders or developers who want to gain planning permission but do not require building regulation drawings / construction drawings.

If you require just plans and a planning application then this is the perfect low cost package for you. This package includes, checks to discover any planning constraints, a site survey, existing and proposed floor plans, existing & proposed elevation plans, location plan, a site plan and the planning application and submission.

In this instance we can produce the necessary plans required to submit a planning application to the local authority and manage the application on your behalf until a decision is made.

Check out our FAQ for full details of the planning stages.

If you choose the essentials package and would later like to upgrade to either our standard package or the premium package you can do that.

We can also provide additional services if required based on your specific planning application. These include: Structural calculations, flood risk assessments, tree surveys, climate mitigation statements, visibility splays and more.

Contact us to arrange a free consultation by telephone and receive a fixed price quotation based on your specific requirements.

Planning applications take 3 months to reach a decision from the date the application is accepted, so don’t delay and contact us today.


Prices start from just £1700

Contact us to get a fixed priced quotation based on your requirements